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The Story of Pinnacle Cabin Rentals

by Joan Chambers

As a kid growing up in the picturesque green mountains of Vermont, instilled in me was a love of nature and a simpler, easier way of life. As an adult, economic opportunity brought me to the Atlanta area where I lived, worked for 25+ years, and met my husband.  Over time we gradually came to the conclusion that as wonderful as Atlanta is, there was something missing, and that something was the call of the mountains so familiar to us. This call of the mountains led us to turn north to Helen in the mountains of North Georgia. 

From Atlanta to Helen, Georgia

Just a short 1.5 hours from Atlanta, the northeast Georgia mountains were incredibly beautiful, and we found ourselves drawn to Helen, GA and the surrounding mountains. The rich heritage of the mountain communities around Helen led a decision to purchase our first rental cabin along Amy’s Creek just outside Helen, Georgia near Clarkesville. And the more we became familiar with the people and the geography of these mountains, the more we were encouraged to grow our new little cabin rental business.


Our First Vacation Cabin Rental

Being fortunate enough to travel over the years, my husband Mark and I knew what we enjoyed in vacation cabins and we thought others would appreciate and enjoy these things too. We designed and built our next cabin, Five Seasons with these comforts in mind, and then we built another cabin, and another. Soon we had 4 beautiful vacation rental cabins, all in different locations with scenic mountain settings, especially around Yonah Mountain (story of Yonah Mtn).  Back then we outsourced the management of these cabins to an outside manager, but over the next few years we found ourselves spending most of our spare time doing most of the work anyways, mostly out of a labor of love. We maintained our cabins and were always busy improving them. We knew no one would take care of our cabins the way we would. 
At this point in our cabin venture, we decided to completely switch from Atlanta corporate, to the North Georgia mountains and took on additional responsibilities such as sales and marketing of our vacation cabins.  Today, we absolutely love what we do and take great pride in all of our beautiful mountain cabins. 

Pinnacle Cabin Rentals Is Born

Pinnacle Cabin Rentals was launched May 2008 with our 4 cabins, and today we have approximately 50 cabin rentals in and around Helen.  We understood the importance of keeping beautiful properties well taken care of, and it became obvious that other property owners and our guests agreed.  We invite you to come up and visit us, experience the tranquil natural mountain surroundings, along with all the fun activities this area has to offer.  
We fall in love with the mountains and people of north Georgia everyday, and our cabins seem to have become a way for us to share with others from around the country the natural beauty of the mountains and Helen, Georgia. We always look forward to helping others plan their vacation and look forward to talking with you!

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And in case you're interested, here's a brief history of Helen, Georgia. Enjoy!